FAQ about 3D Wall Murals:

What are 3D Wall Murals?

3D Wall Murals are totally unique and exciting out-of-the-box and on the wall, 3-dimensional movable wall decorations for baby's nursery or a child's bedroom or playroom. They also look great in a day care or preschool environment. Each cute animal character is a sturdy, 3-D free-form shape, yet soft and super lightweight. The entire set can be arranged in any layout, so each room is customized and one-of-a-kind.

What age group are 3D Wall Murals designed for?

These large colorful and cute murals are suitable for children of any age and any child-friendly space. They are ideal and most popular for newborns through 7 years old.

How are 3D Wall Murals installed?

Each character is attached directly to the wall with 100% removable adhesive strips pre-applied to the back of each character. Installation takes minutes, does not require any tools and does not leave any sticky adhesive residue or cause any wall damage.

Installation Instructions:
  • Remove 3D Wall Murals from the box.
  • Make sure the wall is clean and completely dry.
  • Plan your wall arrangement and mark the position of characters on the wall.
  • Locate the adhesive strips on the back of the character and peel off just the release liners.
  • Apply each character to the desired wall position and press firmly in the areas with adhesive strips for at least 30 seconds.

How do you remove 3D Wall Murals?

The characters are attached to the wall with 100% removable adhesive velcro-like strips. Please follow instructions below to remove each character and pull each adhesive tab until it cleanly comes off the wall.

Removal Instructions:
  • Hold the character with two hands and gently pull the character off the wall until you hear the fasteners release.
  • To remove black adhesive strips from the wall: grab and firmly pull the tab, slowly stretching it along the wall. Keep pulling and stretching at least 6 inches (15cm) or until the adhesive is completely released from the wall.

Can 3D Wall Murals be moved to another area or repositioned?

Yes, but you would need to purchase additional adhesive strips, since the removable adhesive strips that attach to the wall can not be reused. If you would like to move your characters, please contact us to purchase a kit of additional adhesive. E-mail or call 805-563-3438.

Are 3D Wall Murals durable?

3D Wall Murals stand up to normal wear and tear of a baby/toddler. Each character is made from a patent pending 4 layer process. Black 3D Core provides thickness and creates a silhouette image that pops off the wall but is so lightweight your child could install it. Anti-Warping Backing provides additional rigidity and prevents tearing and curling. 100% Removable Adhesives Strips firmly secure product to wall yet cause no surface damage upon removal.

Is the product safe for children?

Yes. All materials of construction are considered kid safe. The product is light weight and built using unique 4 layer process which ensures years of durability and enjoyment. The product contains no lead or PVC. Note: Although 3D characters are made from child safe, paper-based materials, they are not a toy and not intended for play use. Please do not let your child chew on the characters.

Where is the product made?

3D Wall Murals are proudly Made in America to provide your family with a greater peace of mind then unregulated imports.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Since this is a bulky item, there is a significant shipping charge as well as customs and VAT charges. Please contact us for a international shipping quote (include your exact shipping address). We only ship via Fedex or UPS.

Is this product available to retailers for Wholesale and Dropship?

Yes, we welcome applications from authorized retailers. Please read our Dropship and Wholesale Terms and Conditions and Setting-up a Retail Account. We look forward to working with you.